Burnt Boutique used to be called "BurntNic", and was founded by Nicole Camacho, or "Nic" in 2015. BurntNic's slogan "burntout. beatnik. burntnic." refers to individuals who are exhausted with pleasing others, and enjoy expressing themselves uniquely through the arts. Almost a year after starting the business and running a small online store, she bought a travel trailer to renovate and turn into a mobile boutique. After partnering with long-time friend and co-worker, Reina Hohener, a new name was formed. 
Burnt Boutique is now bringing the shopping experience to you in an unconventional way. The mobile store can be found at local bars and events, festivals, and can even be booked to come to your house for private shopping parties. The shop carries handcrafted items from local designers, vintage items, and brand new items. Located in Downtown Las Vegas, but able to travel almost ANYWHERE in the United States.
Here is a link to checkout the whole renovation process 
Please contact us if you would like to request any additional info!