Summer Sucks. I Quit.

So, hi. I have quit a lot of things in the past year. June 24th marks one year since I quit my "dream job". {I realize now that as awesome of a job as it was, I was truly "dreaming" the whole time I was there. I lost touch with what was socially and professionally acceptable, and made a lot of impressions on people, good and bad. - It is great to dream, but we can't let reality slip away while doing so.} So, although it was a difficult decision to make, those around me said they were proud of me, and showed their support (or lack thereof) in many different ways. I am grateful for all of those experiences, good and bad. Today, I am a stronger person because of those hurdles, and will keep moving forward.
In the last 6 months, I have quit even more. I quit some jobs, quit hanging out, quit some bad habits (smoking cigarettes, drinking) that were ultimately ruining my relationships and making me unhealthy, (mentally and physically) and have also tried to quit eating like like crap, also for the sake of my health. I am still working on quitting sugar, which is harder than cigarettes and drinking combined. Although it seems very depressing to have quit all of these things I once loved, (and believe me, I was definitely depressed for a minute) I have to be 100% honest, quitting never felt so good. 
I am very fortunate to have had such amazing support along the way, though. It wouldn't have been possible without the infinite support from my husband, Eric. He has seen and helped me through the worst times, and still continues to have my back, no matter what we are going through together or what I am battling personally. Him and Sadako (our daughter) are my life, and mean everything to me. Their support is amazing and keeps me going! I also have to thank all of my family and friends. You guys have seen me go through my phases, and I thank you for staying by my side.
Now, I get to be an entrepreneur and do what I love. To everyone who donated, shared and supported me with the trailer store concept, design, labor, etc.---- THANK YOU!!! I always hate to ask for help, but when I did, people from my family, neighborhood, and even strangers helped me out when I asked for it. I can't ever thank everyone enough that helped me reach my ultimate goal of creating a mobile store.
Now, I am going to do my part and finish my trailer [in a couple weeks] so I can take it out and start styling peeps! I feel like I am supposed to do this = dress people, make clothes for them, alter their favorite old clothes, style shoots, organize closets, and everything else I do, because it makes people feel good. If this is my talent and passion, then I have to share it and help people!! 
My favorite thing ever - when I help someone find a little something(s) that gives them a confidence boost and also makes them look super amazing. When someone says that I have changed the way they dress or accessorize, or that I have influenced their style in some way is truly the most rewarding feeling I can get as a stylist and a store owner. I love what I do now, and I don't plan on quitting this job, ever.
I wouldn't mind quitting this HOT ASS WEATHER, though. Summer sucks. 
Hopefully it won't be such a long time before the next random blog post, but until then, quit something that isn't feeding your soul. Start doing something you always wanted to. Find your passion and pursue it until you are an old, dried up raisin.
xo - nic ™