It's about that time ... yes, time for a re-brand. The store that once was called "BurntNic" (which was a brand, person, weird idea, and too confusing and exhausting to explain burntout beatnik every time someone asked what the name was) is now finally easy to call - BURNT boutique. The founder (Nic) teamed up with another rad soul (Reina) to form the fully functioning, sustaining, traveling, trailer store. The store that once had only women's hand-made and vintage clothes is now carrying brand new as well as vintage clothes and accessories for Men and Women... 
((Hella weird that I talked about us in third person, but it just seemed like I needed to write that part all "newspaper reporter style" lol. ))
So far, everything is going smoothly with our re-brand. We are currently figuring out our upcoming schedule, to make shopping with us more consistent and easy!! 
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xo - nic & reina ™