Finding Time

Finding Time
This is my first official "blog post" on the shopify platform. It might not make sense, and be kind of an endless rant with me and time, but... lately, time has been messing with my head. I have too much, I have too little, I am either a little late or really early. The concept of time is so vague to me. 
Some times, I have too much time, sometimes I have too little. Some days, I feel I have slept forever even though tI have gotten less sleep. Some days I wish I could sleep for 10 more hours. Some days, I wish that there were 100 hours in a day, and I could do nothing but non-stop work, and finish every little project in my head. Other days, I feel too tired to work on anything. Life it so tricky, and so is time. 
I have forgotten what it's like to "get ready" to go out. If I go anywhere, I do so about 15 minutes before I have to be there. Usually, I don't do anything to my hair, no more makeup really, I occasionally put on eyebrows, deodorant, and then run out, hoping I wont be more then 5 minutes late to wherever I am going. Always running on late time.
I feel like as the trailer project comes to a finish, I will get my timing back on track. Thank you for reading a pointless post about a continuous issue of mine. 
July 4th I am hoping to have a launch party for the mobile store. Will post details when confirmed !
xo - nic